B-side Brisbane

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From The Backstreets

From The Backstreets is my second attempt to photograph what I like to call, the b-side of Brisbane, Australia. It is a continuation of my previous photo essay (Brisbane Noir), but with a different visual approach: the challenge, this time around, was to move away from the monochrome option and see if that same raw look & feel could be achieved with colour films.

The plan was to load a small rangefinder camera with a couple of Kodak films, and take my time through the laneways… searching for the rough edges, concrete textures and the messy look.


I guess I always end up going back to this same visual concept, and try to keep myself as far as possible from tourist attractions, malls, and summer spots. The photographs they don’t turn out particularly interesting when all you have is a spotless modern looking landscape – there’s something quite sterile about them I reckon. So I tend to point my camera to the old buildings, classic cars, exotic garments and interesting people. They usually have a story to tell, they are full of charisma and culture.

street-2 street-3 street-4 street-5 street-6 street-7 street-8 street-9 street-10 street-11

Marcelo Zaca is a Brazilian street photographer, based in Brisbane, Australia.  Check out Marcelo’s portfolio here: streetbyzaca[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]