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Editorial Standards

FLINT publishes from the ‘view from somewhere’, which is to say we embrace our contributors’ subjectivity and connection to their work, yet this does not mean we publish with bias or agenda; we publish in a way that the audience can make their own conclusions to the content. Although this approach sounds counterintuitive, we believe objectivity is a myth within journalism and by approaching subject matter with this mentality is essential in creating a meaningful discourse.



FLINT sees everyone as equals; every story has its own merit and is presented as such. We expect our contributors to follow this ideology, as they are representatives of our mission to produce moral and ethical content.


Public Interest

FLINT’s purpose is to touch on issues that are either under-reported or not deemed commercially viable by the mainstream media, whilst adhering to ethical publishing standards; balancing respect of our content and contributors with the need to disseminate meaningful stories in the public interest.


Journalistic Integrity

FLINT’s fundamental mission is to tell stories through the prism of journalistic integrity yet without the constants of the established media; this allows us the freedom to publish meaningful content without fear or prejudice.
Without facts, fiction awaits the uninitiated; as such it is imperative we present the truth clearly whilst respecting the consequences to the subject matter we delve into. We are redundant without truthfulness, and will not publish anything unverified.


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