Israelis are everywhere

Israelis love to travel. They can be found everywhere and anywhere, in Europe, USA, Brazil, China… EVERYWHERE.

Sometimes I wonder,  how can it be that there are only 7,000,000 Israelis in total? It seems like all seven million are in India right now!

It’s not that surprising considering the fact that Israel is not an easy place to live; there’s always something going on. And well, to live in such a small country with endless problems, you have to take a vacation once in a while to run away from everything and just relax.

Another thing about Israelis is that as much as they like to travel and “forget” about their country, they like to come back. Most Israelis make sure that they never really have to leave.

When I was 12 I first left Israel’s borders, travelling all the way to England. My first ride in a London cab was an experience I’ll never forget. My two cousins and I had hard time communicating with the driver so we decided that he could use some Hebrew lessons… By the time we got to Piccadilly Circus he learned he’s first sentence.

20 years later, I left the border again, this time I landed in Delhi. You would think that these guys can’t even say hello in English. Well this time the driver was the one to say “shalom” when we got in! Apparently he studied from Israeli tourists and almost knows the whole language.

I got to the “main bazaar” in Delhi, a place where tourists from all around the world come, yet I only saw Hebrew signs recommending where to eat, where to sleep and who is the best travel agency around. So, I follow the signs and arrive to a really nice restaurant waiting to try my first Indian meal. But guess what kind of dishes they served there? That’s right- Israeli! Israeli breakfast, Israeli salads, shakshuka, humus and even falafel.

  Freedom Fighters

In Lao, on a Friday night. Some friends and I decided to visit the ” habad house”. If you never heard of this – It’ an amazing place. Religious people leaving everything they have, moving to a foreign country, just to make sure that where ever you are, if I want to say a prayer, light candles and eat a friday night dinner just like back at home – you can to it.

It was only 5 years ago when I realised what I’m trying to say here. Ever since I visited London for the first time, I decided that I wanted move there when I’ll grew up,  here I was  just about to full fill my dream. The days went by, the weeks, I stayed there for almost 3 months, yet something was missing. I mean yeah, I still love their beautiful houses, the crazy sales on “top shop” and of course- the british accent, but in the end of the day I needed the warm feeling that I get back at home, something that makes me feel like I belong.

If you get a chance to meet on your way an Israeli group, talking about something you don’t understand, eating their strange food and drinking Turkish coffee (cos’ we all addicted), know that all they really want is to feel home, even when they are away from it.

Tal Mizrahi is a actrees, singer and yoga techer who loves to travel and study the world.