In The Darkest Light

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As part of our collaboration with Elizabeth St gallery, FLINT is curating some of the work featured in their autumn exposition.

The Elizabeth St gallery does away with the confines of sterile & perfectly lit white walls for the grime of inner city streets illuminated by natural and street lighting. With the aim of rejuvenating Sydney’s Elizabeth St and its surrounding cultural vacuum, by allowing the public to look into a mirror to see repressed realities, and other worlds at their feet.


The project ‘In The Darkest Light’ is a street photography series that looks at the changing face of Melbourne’s CBD, in a time of increased racial tension throughout Australia. As Melbourne physically continues to modernise and grow, the inhabitants of the city have also changed, adding new colour and life to a once anglo-conservative society. On these city streets, reminiscent of a future Asia or even New York City, multiculturalism blends together in a mismatched harmony. People getting on with their daily lives stand arm to arm, waiting for the red man to turn green.






Josh Robenstone is a Melbourne-based photographer who devotes much of his time to travelling and enjoying life while shooting documentary and street photography projects in Melbourne and across the globe. Josh’s editorial work has appeared in a range of publications across Australia including the Australian Financial Review Magazine, The Smith Journal and The Blackmail Offline. Check his work here:

If you are in Sydney or plan to visit the city soon, check out the Elizabeth St gallery. You can find info about them and directions to the exposition here: Elizabeth St gallery.