Brisbane Noir

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My intention was to capture the overlooked side of Brisbane. The backstreets, the laneways, the underdogs. Some street photographers here have this misconception that we lack unique exotic subjects, and everything around us is way too clean, organised, new and well behaved. I disagree. In my opinion, everywhere you go, if you keep your eyes open, there’s an interesting unique story happening… begging to be registered.

So I figured I could try to walk around my CBD area for a whole day (from 9am till 5pm ) and see if this raw side of Brisbane was actually there (and what better way to capture this type of look and vibe than shooting film and B&W).

  _ The Nobodies _

Camera: Canonet QL17. Film: iLford HP5 400.

street street-2 street-3 street-4 street-5 street-6 street-7 street-8street-10 street-11 street-12 street-13 street-14 street-15

Marcelo Zaca is a Brazilian street photographer, based in Brisbane, Australia.  Check out Marcelo’s portfolio here: streetbyzaca