Teen Pleads #YOLO to Robbery and Extortion Charges

Flint and the Bell Tower Times‘s network of sources have hooked up to get the to bottom of the Australian condition by any means necessary.

Arthur Cronski, 18, has set a legal precedent in Western Australia by pleading “#YOLO” to a string of armed robbery  charges that he allegedly committed between 2014 – 2015. 

Ordinary, a defendant may choose to plead guilty, not guilty or alternatively, argue that they are not fit to plead. Cronski instructed is lawyer to break away from this legal norm on the basis that the judge, “may know his swag, but doesn’t know his story”.

The Prosecution allege that on 24 December 2014, Cronski engaged in a “swag fueled rampage” committing 6 aggravated armed robberies around the Rivervale and Belmont areas.  Cronski allegedly targeted petrol stations and threatened staff with a broken Patron tequila bottle. Cronski’s girlfriend, Belinda told The Bell Tower Times:

Terrorising those petrol station attendants with a Patron bottle shows just how much swag Arthur has. Other criminals probably would just use some lame knife… You only live once you know?”

  Let Them Eat Hors D’oeuvres

Cronski’s solicitor was tight lipped about proceedings, however he told us that the basis for the #YOLO defence, is that, had Cronski not committed the string of violent offences, he would be filled with crippling regret in his older age.

In the alternative, we are told by sources close to Cronski, that he will allege  diminished criminal responsibility on the basis that he was suffering from heightened levels of “turnt” that night. In the sources words, 

“It’s like, what? When you turn up you turn up bro, shits gonna happen, cant hold a mans responsible when he’s fully turnt” .

Cronski is due to re-appear before the Perth Magistrates Court on 9 August 2015.

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Image credit: dews cult