Look Inside to Feel Home

“Where is your home?”

When asked, I used to say, “Japan” or “Tokyo”.
Home was about the place. It was a matter of “where”.

After leaving “home” and traveling through many countries,
I realize “home” is not just one place.

I felt at home in places far away from “home”.

I felt at “home” in a small tent in Mongolia, where we had to wait for the storm to go away on the icy Altai mountain.

I felt “home” on a rooftop of a guesthouse called Hotel Maria in Calcutta, where I met so many beautiful travelers.

Whether one place became “home” was a matter of “feeling”.

If I could feel at home, anywhere could be my “home”.

  A New Northbridge

If I could open my heart,
Throw away my fear and doubt,

Then wherever it is, or whoever I am with,
I now know this is my home.

It is nice to know that “home” is not just one place.

I am looking forward to find more “home” in this beautiful planet.

Kuni Matsumoto is a photographer and writer, based in Tokyo, Japan.