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My relationship with the city of Vancouver changed forever the day that one of my uncles, who had just retired from a career as a full-time photographer in Tokyo, gave me a Mamiya RB67 professional medium format camera. I immediately took it to the streets and became immersed in my genuine interest: people.


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I happen to live in a city graced by immense multicultural diversity, and just walking around Vancouver constantly reminds me that this is the place where we can be who we truly are.

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My camera seems to draw people’s interest and has made it easier for me to shoot genuine moments. The best mantra ever I have learned from this experience is dead simple: unique moments never come again. I truly look forward to continuing observing and capturing the fleetingly real moments that unfold before my lens.


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 Emi Uchida

Emi is a food and lifestyle photographer with a genuine interest in people and their stories. She is based in Vancouver, Canada. Check her work our here: emiuchida.com