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As part of our collaboration with Elizabeth St gallery, FLINT is curating some of Australia’s finest documentary photographers work.

Elizabeth Street gallery does away with the confines of sterile & perfectly lit white walls for the grime of inner city streets illuminated by natural and street lighting. With the aim of rejuvenating Sydney’s Elizabeth St and its surrounding cultural vacuum, by allowing the public to look into a mirror to see repressed realities, and other worlds at their feet.

[dropcap]Marko[/dropcap] Bok is a purest street photographer. One that immerses himself into his subject matter subtly to capture ‘real’ moments of people being people, without the pretence of staged shots and pre-set lighting. The purity and honesty of Bok’s work differentiates him from countless other ‘photographers’ who search for the perfect shot rather than the most interesting.

Untitled by Marco Bok

In April 2006, I started photographing a group of kids that were hanging out at Town Hall station and Hyde Park. They came from different areas to share their common interests in music and amusement. I am about to photograph them again as young adults. – Marco Bok.







Marco Bok has documented his life and immediate environment for a quarter of a century while working as a photo media teacher and freelance photographer. Bok has an extensive archive of photographs of street life in the inner city of Sydney and Bondi Beach. He has photographed on the streets, in pubs and cafes, on public transport, and photographed ‘dogs being dogs’ in Centennial Park.

  Village Life

If you are in Sydney or plan to visit the city soon, check out the Elizabeth St gallery. You can find info about them and directions to the exposition here: Elizabeth St gallery.