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[dropcap]The[/dropcap] United States is currently divided amongst political lines, but there have always been political divisions. Albeit the current Presidential race in the United States has enlarged those divisions among political lines, racial identity, and religious beliefs. The name that has become synonymous with the Presidential race of 2016 is Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is currently running for President of the United States as a Republican candidate.

Mr. Trump has not only been the front­runner for the GOP party, but he is also a controversial figure for many Americans. His campaign which includes the slogan, “Making America great Again” isn’t widely accepted by many Americans. Ergo, many Americans do support Mr. Trump. Throughout his campaign trail, hundreds of thousands of Americans have flocked to see and support Mr. Trump. However, during his campaign trail, Mr. Trump has also been met with thousands of Anti­Trump protesters, especially in the city of Dallas.

The thousands who protest Trump are often against Mr. Trump’s political views and ideologies on immigration, race relations, and his comments against the Muslim American community. In fact, his comments are so controversial, several corporations including NBC and Macy’s will no longer do business with Mr. Trump. One of his most recent backlashes was the stripping of his “Business Ambassador” title from his mother’s home country of Scotland; this came after his comment about banning Muslims from entering the United States.

The following images captured helps to showcase the strong emotions around Donald Trump’s rhetoric, comments, and ideologies. The images were shot in the Dallas area, where many Americans have begun to rally against Trump’s ideas, comments, and growth of racist ideologies in their communities.

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At a rally called, “Un Dia sin Trump” (A day without Trump, hosted by the local Dallas­ based organisation, Accion America) a young Latino boy looks up at a Trump costume near downtown Dallas.

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A group of Hispanic teenagers perform a traditional Mexican dance at a large anti­-Trump (Un Dia Sin Trump) rally near downtown Dallas, shortly after Trump’s comments about “they’re [Mexican immigrants] rapists…”


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Local politician Ramon Romero Jr. (D­ Ft. Worth) marches in the streets of downtown Dallas with nearly a thousand protesters to the American Airlines Center where Donald Trump is giving a rally speech.

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A man takes a rest at an anti-­Trump rally near downtown Dallas.

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A teenager recites the pledge of allegiance at an anti­-Trump rally organised by Accion America in Dallas in protest of Donald Trump’s statements and comments about the Mexican American and Immigrant community.

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A Puerto Rican lady yelling at an anti­-Trump rally in downtown Dallas after the comments about immigrants made by Donald Trump.

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A man wears an American flag while listening to speakers talk about Trump’s comments and ideologies about immigrants, this image was taken outside of the American Airlines centre (Dallas) where Donald Trump was addressing thousands on his plans for mass deportation.

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Hundreds rally in South Dallas for a rally against racism walk after Donald Trump’s comments to ban Muslims from entering the country.

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Black Lives Matter protesters show their support in a rally against racism walk after Trump’s remarks about banning Muslim Americans from entering the U.S.

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Muslim American woman rally outside of the Islamic Centre in Irving for a peace rally after an increase of hate crimes against Muslims throughout the U.S.

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Two Muslim boys stand in front of the Islamic Centre in Irving, Texas at a Peace rally after the recent increase in hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S.


Elroy Johnson
Elroy Johnson IV “EJ”, considers himself 100% southern and is a native Texan, educator, and aspiring photojournalist. He works to document life of diverse communities in all their beauty and struggles for social change. His work centers heavily around communities of color in Texas and Louisiana. His work has been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, and Dallas Weekly. To see more of his work follow him on instagram and online at ejohnsonivphoto.photoshelter.com

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