_ Tokyo Rockabilly Club _

[dropcap]Walking[/dropcap] through Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, can feel like travelling back to the future depending which path you take. On any given Sunday morning, behind some trees, within the park you can incongruously find a crowd of 20 to 30 asiatic guys dressed in perfect vintage rockabilly costumes. Some sheathed in leather clothing and others in elegant, original 50’s couture. It feels like you’ve been beaten in your head and woken up in the same year Elvis reached his first number one in the charts.

The Tokyo Rockabilly Club has stood for more than 30 years; no matter of the weather, from the freezing cold of a Japanese winter or a scorching sun, they come together each week to give free rein to their love of lacquer, grease, tupes that defy the laws of gravity, dance and the purest spirit of rock and roll.

The tenacity and devotion of these guys knows few limits and has made a legends of them. When shot this project, it was midsummer, 35 degrees and 90% humidity, yet this did not stop the Rockabillies from wearing tight black leather and dancing with reckless abandon under the blazing sun for several hours. “Dance first, think later” could be their war cry. The gang, the costumes, the music and the dance create a synergy that elevates them above mortals to a place of grace, in a kind of trance, that the rest of us can only admire.

  Stairway to Heaven

Against all logical reasoning they continued to dance until they drop one by one from a combination of happiness and exhaustion. Often we can forget the therapeutic and effect of factors such as group membership, synchronisation through togetherness, and the elevating power of music – especially how everything changes when we retrieve the body and let guide us beyond the mind.

As Nietzsche said “I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance”

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Carlos Escolástico

Carlos formed in his photography at the ICP in New York and through gestalt therapy at the IPG of Madrid. Since 2003 he has professionally engaged in photography mainly within freelance press and publicity; developing a parallel artistic vocation through projects focused on portraiture utalising resources from psychology to classical and contemporary photographic methodology. Carlos has exhibited his photographs in several shows – solo and collectively – globally; mainly in Spain, Russia and Japan.

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