It’s the deal stupid

When it comes to ideas, America seems to be made up of mugs and muggers. The mugs are the mesmerised multitude who seem to have consumed the lies of the propagandists, the media manipulators, the CIA torturers and the ‘swill-of-ideas’ promoted by the war-mongering neocon clique who made support of Israel, at any cost, a sacramental priority. Above all, the neoconservatives championed Israel. What followed was the artificial insemination of American Foreign Policy with infertile intellectual semen; Wolfowitz, Elliott Abraham, Douglas Feith, ‘Scooter’ Libby, Richard Perle, Dick Chaney… some of the intellectual sperm donors who lined-up behind George W. Bush to bring mayhem to the Middle East and much of the world to boot, with a view to consolidate yet another colonial enterprise. One that titillated the Masters-Of-The-Universe dream of world dominance from within the ramparts of a ghetto-mentality that has since become the true carbon footprint of the Empire. Along the way, neoconservatives, foisting Zionist ideas upon the nation…with the intention of securing advantage for Caucus-Israel…effectively infected American Foreign Policy with dystopia-declension and sold the whole immoral caboodle to an unsuspecting public prone to celebrating delusional militarism masquerading as patriotic zeal. Thus did reductionism morph the national psyche into intolerance of democratic principles.

For the Zionists, their need to be the tail that wagged the dog in this canine alliance was paramount. For the Zionists, the way to ‘move on’…and in… meant forming a geo-strategic unit within the State Department that professed clarity of vision in all matters relating to geo-political policy that bound America and Israel as one. Especially as America was perceived as the means of achieving Zionist ends. What transpired was the creation of a walled-in-kibbutz-mentality within the State Department. Ethnically pure identity for the family of the elect had to be coerced from within and without and propaganda was the tool that would do the job. For the Zionists, it was necessary for identity itself to be garrisoned, lest extracurricular activity might lead to dancing or other mutant forms of disobedience and intercourse. Legitimacy through myth had to be created in order to control the political narrative.

Grafting Zionist ideology onto the American Dream narrative was like putting a nose where an ear should be, as it was so far a cry from the idea of state and space existing for a diversity of peoples challenging the limits of secular liberalism in the nascent enterprise-phase of America- The-Brave-New-Modern-World narrative. The aspirations implicit in the American Dream, tolerance, sisterhood, brotherhood, diversity, etc., didn’t seem to garner any traction in the Zionist psyche. The idea of ethnic nationalism as a wet-dream was pursued with religious sangfroid by the Zionists. Furthermore, the idea that an ancient God/Poet…as male midwife…could only deliver the children of Zion to a promissory kingdom of the imagination, led countless generations of Jews to eschew all means but the ‘sword’ in their quest for land. The unholy holy message their Old Testament espoused, was that they go forth and ethnically cleanse the land of their desire; sound familiar in the light of what has happened to the Palestinian People ? Could it be that the insecurity brought about by living in other people’s countries over millennia, have rendered these wanderers incapable of comprehending the extent of the pain inflicted on the Palestinian People? In the course of digging themselves into another’s country with the aid of American militarism and the acquisition of a nuclear arsenal ( a deterrent against eviction?) that the humanity of the ‘other’ became lost  as Israel’s very own quotidian expression of the ‘banality of evil’ set about annihilating the Palestinian people?

The auto emancipation of the Jews in America reached new heights of chutzpah at this time by virtue of the ability of organised Jewry to cut deals that portrayed America and Israel as two nations endowed with exceptional degrees of concern for human rights enshrined in democratic institutions; in real terms, nothing could have been further from the truth. The signs that Corporate America was in the ascendant and about to flex its muscle, was there for all to see after World War 2. The growing power of the Zineocracy  was also much in evidence in those early post-war years, and an alliance between these two forces, based on military power, came as no surprise to anyone. The perennial Jewish instinct to situate itself within the centre of power became ever more evident as the 20th. century advanced. Zionism, like Royalty, created myths that defined authority through disciplines and rituals that served as ‘state-of-play’ for the puppet-masters and their puppets. The secular nature of Zionism was always about gaining control of the levers of power in order to enforce the legitimacy of its myths. The Jewish ability to lobby governments became so successful, that over time, the ethnicity of this group -zealous in its pursuit of power and influence-became a force that could and did hold governments to sway when armed with a casus belli for aggression, or a threat to crash the pyramid-wank we call the financial system.

Then with Reagan’s election as president in 1980 came the opportunity the Neocons had been waiting for, appointments to the National Security apparatus. The Think Tanks that the likes of Wolfowitz, Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith, ‘Scooter’ Libby and Richard Perle had conducted with a view to changing American Foreign Policy, became the dominant dynamic in the State Department when these individuals and their ideas coalesced into a ‘kibbutz-like’ culture in the very heart of that institution. It was from within this Zionist ‘kibbutz’ in the State Department, that the power to exert inordinate influence over American Foreign Policy began to have effect. From this point on, American Foreign Policy became the plaything of foreign elements running a covert dualism that seriously comprised the aspirations of the Republic and the concomitant American Dream.

Corporate America, backed-up by Military America, and in turn, backed-up by the Zionocrats, became the forces that shaped American power in ways that enabled the development of the chauvinistic and splendiferous profitability of business-the-American-way, to become the mantra within the narrative…never mind that America uses the mantra of ‘spreading peace, prosperity, liberty, democratic values, the rule of law, and economic opportunities throughout the globe, while bombing the shit out of countries too numerous to mention.

  Freedom Fighters

On becoming the sole Superpower, it became necessary for America to suppress all opposition to its own purposes…in a word, the American way of making money became par for the course, boding ill, if not outright intolerance for any alternative way of thinking. In global terms, it is now seen as a system that imposes itself on the rest of the world, via military power, so as to sustain the status quo and continue to press its own coercive dollar system on the world, a system in which America swaps paper currency, printed willy-nilly by the Central Bank, for precious raw materials, manufactured products and man-power. These strands of Foreign Policy now represent corruption of the highest order and one that has successfully sold the kitsch ideology of American ‘exceptionalism’ to the mesmerised multitude so that it can bask in a couch-potato-form of faux patriotism to satisfy its interminable consumerist need to absorb entertaining illusions of the vanity variety, to while away the hours…and this is surely a condition that has its origins in placebo rather than tabula rasa?

And for the muggers who left Iraq and so much of the Muslim world a blood drenched abattoir; Afghanistan a charnel house of amputees; Gaza an emporium of misery observed through the indifferent eyes of the callow liberal ‘West’, produced  little more than a theatrical yawn from within the ranks of the unconscionably cultured.  Time ticks over while glib American Congressmen and women once again impute that the people of Gaza are the aggressors. Meanwhile, this nowhere-to-run patch of shrinking land, devoid of any means of feeding its malnourished children, continues to show up the shame of the West. Our esteemed West is selectively interventionist in supporting military strategies and agendas, but ingloriously indifferent to the fact that Israel’s most moral army slaughtered 500 children in Gaza this past summer and had the audacity to call this kind of operation defensive. Children attacked with armour-piercing flechette shells supplied by America and designed for piercing steel…and children’s light cotton underwear equally…shows up the banality of Israel and the West …this happened to the corralled people of Gaza, and we have to ask ourselves–do we look away and just ‘walk on by’ when confronted by atrocities of this nature? The answer must surely be, we do! …’At the bottom of enmity between strangers lies indifference’  Soren Kierkegaard wrote and were he alive today, he might very well have expressed the facts more cogently.

Where is the much vaunted civilisation of the West now? Did it just ‘walk-on-by’? Is selective morality akin to lite-morality, a trick that we can pull from nowhere so that we can blandly change the channels ‘within’ when it suits us…like exercising choice for choice’s sake? The people who wrought so much havoc in the Muslim world and elsewhere remain free (and intact of limb) to continue the case for carnage…war is profitable…war is now on auto pilot in the West, in order to demonstrate that the status quo is not negotiable.

President Obama, while bemoaning the reality of CIA administered torture ‘ in the past’, asks us , as he did in 2008, to just ‘move on’. We pretend that we do not know of the CIA’s involvement in purging the democratically elected government in Ukraine because the Western press, complicit in the deceitful American owned status quo, stays mum…merely verbalising what it is allowed to. The ‘move on’ dictum, recommended by the President, fails in every respect to deal with the realities behind the official rhetoric. America and its allies have lost the respect the rest of the world might have once afforded it. Blocking the Palestinian application for statehood at the UN, an institution it has corrupted, is an awesomely stupid way of moving on. Monolith America has clearly become a scary edifice, its caryatid façade transmutes into a dystopian temple-of-doom culture wherein the President, or High Priest, sits holding the Nobel Peace Prize in one hand, and in the other, an executive order containing the names of the people he intends consigning to oblivion via drone. This top-heavy Pentagon entablature, supported by caryatids…featuring Mafioso-gun-toting-harlots-of-dishonour…is the temple where the top-heavy military caucus meet to plan strategic governance in a New World Order. In this cultural climate, the monolith that is America morphs into something akin to Francisco Goya’s depiction of Saturn Devouring His Son. Wallowing in its own myopic bully-boyhood culture of warfare, the ‘heavies’ supported by the big Defence Budget, plan new ways of shredding non-white humanity. The process that feeds off surveillance and torture inveigles the public to be lax about the rule of law and relegates the subject of collateral damage to a mere sub-text. The process that allocates veto powers to select members of the UN Security Council is another example of how the military strategists, ruling by tribal rule-of-force, fail the ‘move on’ test. These boffins do not know about sharing…it is easier to vanquish the competition than negotiate.

So when President Obama asks us to just ‘move on’, it comes across as being too quixotic by far. What he’s ‘not-saying’ to us is the point. He doesn’t say that the two-party system is in thrall to the money markets and the military. He doesn’t say how we might penetrate the status quo corset of restrictions that perfidious Sam…as in Uncle Wally Street…has imposed on our freedoms, and that a pall of gloom permeates the very soul of the nation. He doesn’t seem to notice that the ‘Fourth Estate’ is more stuffed with chaff than the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. He doesn’t say that the spirit of American democracy has been euthanised in the process of America becoming a kleptocracy. He doesn’t seem to notice that the goose that lays the golden egg has morphed into a bird of prey that serves Wall Street by diverting nutrients within the system away from the public domain and into the coffers of the one per cent. He has failed to just ‘move on’ himself, because he has failed to acknowledge the obscene things that are done in our name… the vulgarity and brutality that occurs under his watch, for instance.

Denis A. Conroy is a retired journalist and a voracious follower of matters political outside of the mainstream arena. 

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