Culture Clash

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FLINT was recently part of something rather bizarre and perplexing. We were invited to join a crew of neo traditionalists as a festival was about to be held near their headquarters/barn/church/drinking den. It seems their barn is in the centre of a massive music festival, which is kind of mind boggling in itself. In years gone by they’ve relocated when the festival comes, in more recent years they’ve decided to assimilate the mass of punters that take over their land for a few days every July.

What happened during the festival was something rather unique, seeing two completely separate cultures clash; one of which has deeply intrenched conservative values, the other a jumbled mix of alcohol and drug fuelled hedonism.


It’s hard to say they’re closed community, as they launched into party mode immediately. Yet, the juxtaposition was ever-present.

We’ve tried many times to write about the experience, yet have struggled to put adequate words to what we witnessed.

We feel the photos are sufficient for you, the reader, to provide whatever context you like.

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 James Knox is the EIC of Flint.