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[dropcap]Jin[/dropcap] De Yuan Shrine, which translates to The Shrine of Golden Wisdom, is a place that holds a memory and has become a part of history. Jin De Yuan was established in 1695 by a Chinese man as a tribute to Guan Yin Goddess; making the shrine the oldest in Jakarta. Today, many of Chinese descent come to this place seeking spiritual guidance. The traditions have become rituals that pass from generation to generation, well before I was born. As I’m of Chinese descent, growing up in Jakarta and visiting the shrines has, somewhat, become a part of my tradition. Yet, as I grow older the connections to this tradition slowly disappear.

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The Jin De Yuan Shrine was burned down to ash on March 2015.

This series is a vignette of Jin De Yuan during its golden time.

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Irene studied Social Science and Politics, majoring in Journalism, earning her bachelor in ’11. She picked up her first camera in ’09 and had been taking photos ever since. She fell in love with photography, especially documentary and travel photography. Following her passion, she moved to the US to continue her study. In ’14, she moved back to Jakarta and became a freelance photographer.
Check her works here: irenebarlian.net &
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