Hillary Clinton will be the next US President

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[dropcap]In [/dropcap]2016, the American people will elect a new president.  Meaning, the dawn of the next presidential election season is here. Campaign fundraising has already begun, and political operatives and campaign managers are scheming to gain their place with top candidates.

Obama’s tumultuous presidency has left the Democrats with some upcoming electoral difficulties. The debacle of the health care law is among the greatest concerns for most Americans and the Democrats. Despite the Obama’s attempt to make healthcare more affordable, Americans are still spending more on health care than any other modernised country in the world.

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Many political analysts believe there is a strong likelihood for President Obama’s rival Republican Party to take over of the White House. This is mainly because the Republican’s carried a vigilant campaign against the new law and will continue that until the next Presidential campaign season. Despite Obama’s difficulties and a populist Republican charge, Hillary Clinton is still likely to win the next presidential election if she runs.  There are three major reasons for this:

Firstly, despite carrying the Clinton last name, and her general public appeal, if Hillary Clinton runs, she would be the most qualified person to ever run for the Presidential Office.  She spent her early years being one of the most powerful attorney’s in American; then she became the first lady in the White House. No one should minimise the importance of this position because the first lady is a huge component to the political life of any president. She acts as the president’s ambassador to all other the political leaders.

Secondly, Hillary operated in the US Senate as one of the most powerful individuals on Capitol Hill, and despite losing her 2008 election to Barak Obama she handled a difficult season as America’s top diplomat acting as the Secretary of State and yet her personal skills are not even close to her silver bullet.

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Hillary’s silver bullet is her backers and her opposition. She possesses two of the most powerful campaigners in American history who will fully back her. Her two biggest backers President Bill Clinton and outgoing President Obama mean big donors and big star power. Many have forgotten the tenacious ability of Bill Clinton to fundraise and be on the campaign trail.  Furthermore, what many do not realize is Bill Clinton is the most popular President in American history. Despite President Obama’s troubled legacy, he is the biggest political star in the US.  Just by appearing on her behalf, she gains incredible attention.

The last variable in this equation that lends the campaign towards Hillary’s success is the amazing ineptitude amongst the Republican candidates who will face her.  The reality is the rising stars amongst the Republicans or slightly more intelligent versions of Sarah Palin, without the hockey mom attitude.

Image Credit: tumblr

The Republican challengers look something like a relapse of Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartoon characters mixing with real people. The real people being the political powerhouses of Clinton and Obama, and the cartoons are the characters appearing in the form of politicians operating as Republicans. If Hillary Runs she has all the tools to win.

Jake Diliberto is a Political Scientist, Ph D. candidate at the University of Birmingham, resident scholar on US National Security & research fellow at the Centre for International Policy. Specialised in Religious Conflict and Guerrilla Warfare. He served as a US marine in Afghanistan and Iraq.