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In the South West of Western Australia one can find idyllic beaches stretching along the coast, tranquil forrest’s nestled in national parks and, of course a truly great wine region. One other slightly more bizarre destination is Gnomesville; a place busting with garden gnomes, thousands of them, spread out in a isolated forrest close to Dardanup – a small wheatbelt town that offers little in the way of touristic or cultural attractions.

When I first heard of this place, I was unsure of what to think, but, I was left with a desire to see it and try to figure out how it came to be.

Driving to Gnomesville from Perth takes around 3 hours, which is quite a commitment unless you plan to continue further South. That is unless you have, like me, a desire to see something out of the ordinary.

Walking through the gnomes ones cynicism can run wild at the lunacy of such a place, but, once this is restrained, it’s actually quite a nice place to be. Every step one takes is one closer to another hundred gnomes, they are seemingly infinite.


To consider thousands of people from all over the world have come here to place gnomes is actually quite cool, and the fact that none of the gnomes seem to have been vandalised by wasted kids, is even more of a sign of great humanity can be when focused on completely irrelevant and intimate objects.

As with heavy narcotics, Gnomesville is best taken in measured doses, as after twenty minutes the brain has well and truly od’d on gnomes.

Gnomesville poses more questions rather than answers, like, why is this place real? Why did it have to be a 3 hour drive from Perth? Why do people bring gnomes here? Really though, these questions are unnecessary as Gnomesville does exist, it is a pain-in-the-ass drive from the big smoke and people seem to really dig it.


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