Expressions of Life aims to capture the very essence of who we are, highlighting the distinctiveness and character of each individual. A journey told through portraits.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]This series aims to showcase the human spirit.[/pullquote]

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] like doing ‘urban portraits’ without asking people to pose. It’s more in the subjects’ own environment, their own place where they feel more comfortable. I didn’t want to alter anything, I go by instinct first – I approach people on the street, have an informal conversation and then, from there, see if I can capture their portrait.
There are many pictures, many subjects – each one has its own character, own flavour, own personality.  – Ricardo Palavecino

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My dad’s side of the family is 100% Cuban and my mom’s side is 100% American.Being a Cuban/American has shown me the importance of culture and diversity.


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I work day in and day out installing smaller water tanks that I fill for the residents and that are small enough for the residents to fill themselves with water jugs when they run out. I have also been installing water pump systems that cost around $300, which include the 300 gallon tank, pump and plumbing parts. I operate on donations from Churches, Individual contributions and Organizations. There are approximately 550 households in and around Porterville who are without running water and the numbers are growing quickly, as more wells are drying up weekly due to the drought.

  Darkness /// Light

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I do not have water; it’s been very overwhelming. My well is dry due to no rainfall, due to no snow the way we are used to so everything is really down as far as any water reserves that would be in a private well which is a hole in your backyard, there is a motor and that good stuff that pulls the water up with the electricity and then it feeds water to your home.

Ricardo Palavecino
Ricardo has been a cinematographer, videographer, and photographer for the past 30 years. He has a multicultural background with substantial international experience in documentaries, dramatic films, mini series, commercials, network promos and corporate videos. He has provided services to various television networks and production companies including, Reuters, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Sundance Channel, Sony Pictures, AXN Japan, TV Asahi Japan, RAI Italy, and many others.
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