City of Angels

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]created the City of Angels Mini-Series in two afternoons sometime in early 2012, whilst making a living as a Portrait Photographer. The project happened rather accidentally when I decided to get a deeper insight of the homelessness and drug epidemic taking place in Downtown LA, more accurately the blocks known as ‘Skid Row’.

Often you would see Photographer-Students down there taking their shots out of car with a zoom lens which was rightfully considered exploitive and disgraceful by the people living there – something that wasn’t my agenda at all.

I started a conversation with a former convict who just got out of prison, Rico, who sort of took me ‘under his wing’ and gave a broader understanding of Skid Row. I decided to grab my camera and capture some of the pain and struggle – but also the life and joy of him and some other people I met. A few moments and few close ups to get the essence of the life there.

The next day I continued getting in touch with some local street artists and homeless in Venice Beach. A lot of people – especially visitors and out-of-towners – tend to forget that LA is not only glamour and fame. Quite the contrary if you look at it from a general point of view; there’s a lot of poverty as well as artistic genius you see on streets and amidst all of it a great amount of BEAUTIFUL souls. Whether that’s the immigrant on crack or the homeless veteran – all these people MAKE Los Angeles, the city of angels.

  Weekend at Wave Rock

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Before his relocation back to Europe, swiss born Photographer Marc Gruninger ( had been shooting in and out of Los Angeles for seven years, working with musicians and actors, including  Snoop Dogg, Terence Howard, Luke Hemsworth, Sung Kang, and Australian Neo-Psychedelic legends The Church.  He created his first of many Fine Art Photo Series in 2012 – among them the Berlin based projects ‘Hinterhof’ ( and ’Sister Cities Berlin:LA ( and The Liquor Store Series (, a project that had him drive 30,000km through 38 States in 100 days. He currently lives and works out of Berlin, Germany.