The Master

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Jorge Tello, “The master,” as he is known in the world of Charreria, is one of the best. He loves making this unique type of clothing.

“I remember it vividly. It was an autumn evening, right after a game of soccer. Away from the shocks of urban life, I took my first steps into the world of tailoring. I was nine years old when my father took me into his workshop and convinced me to help him sew buttons and iron in exchange for a salary. I recall his words clearly: This is going to help you one day. You will always work in the shade and you will always have clean hands.” From that moment on, Jorge Tello has worked in the shade. His tools are the scissors, a ruler, and chalk. As any creator, he uses them to realize his creations.

“Since 1984, I have been making Charros suits. I had to learn everything from scratch; new technique, with different materials and a myriad of details. This is an art carried out without any specialized machinery. Everything is tailored keeping the traditions of many decades. It is very laborious and requires immense care so that the suit is well done, especially the evening suits that are completely handmade. I have been tailoring for 30 years in the city of Boyle Heights on the East side of Los Angeles, California.”

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Ricardo Palavecino has been a cinematographer, videographer, and photographer for the past 30 years. He has a multicultural background with substantial international experience in documentaries, dramatic films, mini series, commercials, network promos and corporate videos. He has provided services to various television networks and production companies including, Reuters, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Sundance Channel, Sony Pictures, AXN Japan, TV Asahi Japan, RAI Italy, and many others.

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