RECKLESS: a long-term portrait series focused on the myriad of different artists that live and work in New York City. Every shoot is a collaboration between the artist and myself; each subject brings their own clothes and ideas in how they want to express themselves.

RECKLESS is an honest and fluid way to capture the essence of who these individuals are.

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 ” I was born here, raised in Puerto Rico, and moved back for high school.  I consider myself a New Yorker.  Since living in here [New York] I have become more outgoing.  You kind have to be. I’ve met so many people from different backgrounds.  It kinda just opens your eyes. You can do whatever you want and somebody will understand.”

Rick Perez

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Rick is a lifestyle photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His photographs capture the raw, absolute honesty in the lives of his creative subjects in New York City. Rick is currently focused on documenting New York City’s fervent and innovative music, fashion, skate, and party scenes using his discerning eye for candidness. 

Web: goodtimerick.tumblr.com