[dropcap]Photo essays[/dropcap] have an incredible power, they can take you to moments of time otherwise forgotten, showing you the human condition unlike any other form. Over the last two years Flint has published some exceptional works; some inspire, some sadden, some anger, yet they all give an insight into who we are.

Below is just a small section of the photo essays Flint has published. Enjoy.

Holy City, by Agata Kowalska.

Salt in the wound, by Aaron Bradbrook – flintmag.com/bangladesh/
Kolkata: city of perplexity, by James Knox – flintmag.com/kolkata/
Holy City, by Agata Kowalska flintmag.com/holycity/
Local Knowledge, by Shikchit Khanal – flintmag.com/nepal/
Capturing Japan, by François Epinat – flintmag.com/capturing-japan/
Los Pirañitas (little piranhas), by Pere Masramon – flintmag.com/peru/
Las Cuevas (The Caves), by Anna Sans – flintmag.com/las-cuevas-caves/


The space between men, by Brodie Standen.

Farming the future, by Agata Kowalska – flintmag.com/seaweed/
Midsummer Day Dream in Thailand, by Victor Borzih & IndeeP  – flintmag.com/midsummer/
Holy Water, by Amitabha Bose – flintmag.com/varanasi/
East Coast, by Andy H.Y HO – flintmag.com/east-coast/
The space between men, by Brodie Standen – flintmag.com/space-men/
One way banking, by Enric Català flintmag.com/preferred-citizens/
Mining for mediocrity, by François Epinat – flintmag.com/kawah-ijen/
Funeral of a King, Inès Prévot – flintmag.com/king/
Rituals and people, by Pere Masramon – flintmag.com/rituals-people/
Mongoliana, by Margherita Ragg and Nick Burns – flintmag.com/mongoliana/
Monologist, by Liew Chee Heai  – flintmag.com/monologist/

x Flint.