_ Socially disconnected in a connected world _

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This article represents our thoughts on a subject we consider interesting to warrant further discussion. The objective is simply to offer an alternative perspective for contemplation.

[dropcap]Living[/dropcap] in the communication age is a great time to be alive, the ability for every human being to communicate instantaneously and globally is an achievement truly capable of global change. No longer restricted by words, we have the ability to communicate precise movements, actions and forms.

Looking around we witness a reality not quite on par with our possibilities. Instead of a unified society, collaborating, sharing, and growing. We see a society suppressing itself through isolation, fear and social divisions; paradoxically while craving acknowledgement and acceptance.

Technology did not create this condition, it merely accelerated the symptoms of it. Mobile communication technology has proliferated human civilisation to such a degree, as to be central to modern day living; always connected, always available, sensory stimulation on demand. With such technology so advantageously placed, it would foolish not to expect it to be exploited. Propaganda or “public relations” is any information specifically designed to mislead or persuade; every advert, every news story, every election is saturated with it. Tailored to our individual desires, it caresses our emotions whilst conveniently distributed straight to the palms of our hands.

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In spite of the overwhelming evidence supporting this, many continue to diligently defend an artificial view of the world.

Only when choosing to acknowledge the prevalence of propaganda within our lives, may we begin to experience a reality not so tainted by it.

Human attention can be likened to photographic aperture, while we focus on a single point everything else is lost in the blur of bokeh. By focusing our concentration we sacrifice our total awareness in a simple trade-off of brain functions.

In our information packed world, our focused attention rarely experiences the broader picture. Even when not using a device attention is affected through the habitual need to interact with with it. Psychological emotional dependency on technology, is but another symptom of our progressive disconnection.

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[dropcap]Everything [/dropcap] we see and sense becomes the building blocks for the perception of world we hold true; if our audio visual senses are bombarded repetitively, in continuous subtle ways, the reality in which we live can become abstracted. Our autonomous nervous system becomes reactionary to the perception of reality we hold in mind.

Subjected daily to perceptional manipulation, we become desensitised to it. Our behavioural patterns become social norms, upholding and justifying the inherent madness in our collective behaviour.

  Catalonia: Culture as a Weapon of Mass Persuasion.

It is through this self-centred materialistic view of the world, our psychological foundations of belief are constructed. Foundations that are the building blocks of both our mental and physical health.

It is here in this bastardised environment we plant our seeds, the perversion perpetuated through upholding the indoctrination of our children; do not question authority, material possessions lead to happiness, war is peace, fear the unknown, equality through class division, and above all be a good consumer.

As we age the distance from who we are becomes greater. By surrendering to the pre-defined views of social programming, we align ourselves with a callous ideology, placing profit and power before love and compassion. Although we feel something to be amiss, we learn to bury it deep inside. We become experts in distracting ourselves, masters of escapism, through drugs, religions and dogmas, possessions, power and status, entire businesses are built on the compulsion we have for evading ourselves.

Is it any wonder we fail to comprehend the larger picture of our collective evolution.

It is however the very thing accelerating our condition that may ultimately lead to its transformation. Reality is a subjective experience, the prominent reality is simply the one upheld by the majority of our species. By collectively choosing to place our belief, in a view of reality aligned with the positive evolution of life, we effectively make it so.

Technology offers us a platform, a springboard by which to leap into the unknown and connect with alternative streams of human consciousness. No longer restricted to a filtered perceptional horizon, we have the ability to seek out and share, our own visions of truth.

Through the removing of desires, and diminishing of ego, there remains a space to be filled. What we choose to fill it with, dictates the course of evolution we take.

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Blupace is the collaboration of Blu & Pace; a young married nomadic couple, with a creative passion for photography, philosophy, art and free thinking. Between us we’ve been immersed within the areas of photography and fashion since early 2007.  Our work has taken us to South America, Europe and throughout Asia.

Our personal work is the result of both questions and observations of the human species. By questioning our own belief systems we start to expose our own socially conditioned biases. This awareness through self knowledge, brings with it a greater active and empathetic view of our global community.

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